Italian Landscapes

"Italian Landscapes - Color and Light" is a solo showcase of colorful interpretations of Italian landscape by the exuberant Madolin Maxey, whose paintings are explosions of feeling. They communicate what she describes as a "burst of joy" and creative energy after almost four years struggling with and recovering from serious eye surgery.

In these compositions, Maxey is flying overhead and around the space as if in a childlike dreamscape of color and light. While the Italian landscapes are real locations traveled by the artist, the final paintings are, to her, imaginative maps. Land, sky, and sea are presented at odd angles and distorted points-of-view, as if Maxey's seeing multiple directions simultaneously.

"The Italian landscapes are less concerned with accurate depiction of place as with nuance of vision.  They are the sensations of the landscape in Northern Italy as I have experienced it over time."

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